“Medveščak Zagreb: The nightmare of the hockey world”

Krystofer Stanley “Krys” Kolanos (born July 27, 1981) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He has played with the Phoenix Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, and Calgary Flames in his National Hockey League (NHL) career. Unfortunately, his worst professionally experience happened in Zagreb.


Sportinterview: What kind of problem do you have with your ex-team Medveščak?

Kolanos: The team owes me a significant amount of money. Salary and reimbursement money. 


Sportinterview: What do you expect from them in the future?

Kolanos: I expect the team to honor the contract that I signed. Pay the salary and reimbursement they owe plus interest.


Sportinterview: Medveščak still didn’t pay a lot of former players. You are the second player ready to speak publicly. One of the players said that the team has intimidated and threatened the players, telling them if they speak to the media they will never receive their remaining salaries. Is that the truth?

Kolanos: The team is taking advantage of players. Especially North American players. They hope players will eventually give up on pursuing their owed money because of distance and language barriers.


Sportinterview: Our opinion is that Medveščak should not even be allowed to be a participant in any serious competition until the club fulfills it’s obligations from the previous years. What do you think about it?

Kolanos: I agree. The organization needs to be held accountable for not honoring contracts. These are families lives they are messing with. Not only does the teams actions affect a player short term but there are also long-term repercussions.